Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 7PM - 8PM

Ellen Garrison: Educator, Social Justice Advocate, Daughter of Concord - with Maria Madison and Kerri Greenidge

Ellen Garrison was born in the Robbins House in 1823. After her inspiring and challenging youth in Concord, Massachusetts, she moved to Boston, where she became a teacher and joined the city’s social justice community. She attended events and assisted with fundraisers for abolitionist and equal rights causes. After the Civil War she moved to Port Deposit, Maryland, to teach newly freed people. In 1866, she and another teacher challenged the nation’s first Civil Rights Act, which conferred citizenship and equal rights on African Americans. Join Maria Madison and Kerri Greenidge for an exploration of Ellen’s life, activism, and the work they and many others at the Robbins House have done to uncover Ellen’s story.
This event is part of our People of Concord Summer Series, in partnership with the Robbins House. This event is now SOLD OUT. Museum and Robbins House Members Free. Non-members $10.
Dr. Maria Madison is the founder and president of the Robbins House, Inc., a historic home and nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness of African-American history in Concord. Madison earned both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in environmental policy and public health from Tufts University, and an ScD in population and international health from Harvard University’s School of Public Health. Currently, she is Dean of Diversity at Brandeis University.
Dr. Kerri Greenidge is the Co-Director of the “African American Freedom Trail Project” and teaches at Tufts University and the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She received her Doctorate in American Studies from Boston University, where her specialty included African-American history, American political history, and African-American literature from 1850 through the 1910s. For nine years she worked as a historian for Boston African American National Historical Site in Boston.

This event is at Wright Tavern (2 Lexington Road).

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