Thursday, May 31, 2018, 7PM - 8PM

Fresh Goods Lecture Series: Shift, Stays, and Pannier

Shift, Stays, and Pannier

As part of the Fresh Goods lecture series,  join historians and living history interpreters Linda Greene and Michele Gabrielson for an in-depth look at how women got dressed every day in the 1700s. They will explore the “ins” and “outs” of a typical 18th century woman’s dress from a common, lower to middling class status to an upper class persona. Each layer of clothing will be discussed with a focus on fabric, style and purpose. Perfect for anyone interested in colonial era costume or the lives of women in the 18th century!

Museum members free, Non-members $5. Register online, or call (978)369-9763, x216.

Linda Greene has a long interest in ladies’ tailoring and has attended and led many workshops on the study and construction of 18th century clothing. She enjoys hand-stitching colonial clothing for herself and her family, who have been heavily involved with re-enacting as members of Col. Bailey’s 2nd MA Regiment for the past twelve years. Linda is the Living History Program Manager at the Old North Church, Boston, MA. She is also a major contributor to The Hearth and Home of Mrs. Newark Jackson, Old North’s blog on all things chocolate and colonial.

Michele Gabrielson is a U.S. history teacher and frequently uses living history techniques in the classroom to bring the subject material alive for her middle school students. Michele is also a member of two reenacting groups: Col. Bailey's 2nd Massachusetts Regiment and Claus' Rangers. For the past five summers, she apprenticed under Gary Gregory at the Printing Office of Edes & Gill and specialized in documenting women printers of the 18th century. Her desire in portraying the lives of 18th century women as accurately as possible has led to her participation in workshops and lectures across New England, New York, and Virginia in order to learn period-correct construction techniques of the garments of the time

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