Saturday, June 24, 2017, 2PM - 3:30PM

Camera Obscura Workshop with Abelardo Morell - SOLD OUT

Abelardo Morell made his first picture using camera obscura technique in his darkened living room in 1991. To make an obscura image, Morell covers all of the windows in the respective room with black plastic to achieve total darkness. He then cuts a small hole in the plastic, over which he places his lens. This allows an inverted image of the view outside to project onto the back walls of the room.

For fifteen years, Morell has traveled the world, creating fantastic photographs of interior spaces flooded with vibrant exterior scenes, using this technique. Through his imaginative eyes, we bear witness to the marriage of inner and outer worlds. In this workshop, Morell will demonstrate his camera obscura technique to the audience.

Members $10/$5 child; Non-members $15/$7 child; ticket price includes admission to the Concord Museum, including Walden: Four Views by Abelardo Morell. This event is now Sold Out.

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