Concord Museum's
Campus Master Plan

As part of the Museum's Campus Master Plan, on October 9th the Museum galleries will temporarily close for 7 - 9 months, while Museum renovations are underway.

Renovations include installing new mechanical, electrical, and HVAC systems in the original 1930 building.
The new, energy-efficient systems are urgently needed to allow for future upgrades to the Museum's exhibition spaces, and - most importantly - to ensure the long-term preservation of the Museum's invaluable permanent collection of historical artifacts.
A visitor services area will be built to enhance the visitor experience and provide a gateway for exploring Concord.

Curator David Wood explained, “It’s important for people to know that while the Museum galleries are closed for renovation, the Anna and Neil Rasmussen Education Center will have on view Highlights of the Concord Museum, which includes over 100 historical artifacts from the Concord Museum collection including Paul Revere’s lantern and Henry David Thoreau’s desk.”

Throughout the fall, the Museum will continue to host walking tours, lectures and special events at the historic Wright Tavern. And starting in November 2018, the Anna and Neil Rasmussen Education Center will feature a series of lectures, events, and the 23rd Annual Family Trees: A Festival of Children’s Literature, November 21 through January 1, 2019.