A Gateway to Concord’s History

From the first shots in the battle for
American Independence to the legacy of
Emerson and Thoreau—when visiting Concord, start at the Concord Museum.
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Explore Renowned Collections

One of the oldest collections of Americana
in the country, including the largest collection of Thoreau-related objects in the world. Learn more.

Learn through Objects

Bringing history into the lives of learners
of all ages—the Concord Museum connects
real artifacts with people, places, and ideas. 
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The Concord Museum in historic Concord, Massachusetts houses one of the oldest and most treasured collections of Americana in the country. Come visit the gateway to Concord’s remarkable revolutionary and literary history.

The Concord Museum is the one place where all of Concord’s remarkable past is brought to life through an inspiring collection of historical, literary, and decorative arts treasures. Take in the quiet eloquence of our Exploring Concord film, enjoy the historic beauty of our period rooms, and create your own memories with our family-friendly hands-on activities.   


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People of Concord Summer Lecture Series: “Such a dusky orb”: African American Presence and the Landscapes of Concord, Massachusetts. Henry David Thoreau makes the evocative assertion in Walden that “[a]t a certain season of our life we are accustomed to consider every spot as the possible site of a house.” His confident musing underscores the power of place and reminds us of the ways in which places like Co... MORE

People of Concord Summer Lecture Series:. Born in Concord, Mary Moody Emerson (1774-1863) grew up in near by Malden, Massachusetts, but her connection to her native town remained close throughout her life. The aunt of Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mary Emerson was a brilliant intellectual in her own right. Not only did Br... MORE

Chris Evans Visits the Concord Museum. Chris Evans, the actor best known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel films, visited the Museum to shoot a short promotional film for us. A Sudbury native, Chris grew up loving the history of this area, and he had a great time exploring objects and stories in the Museum's co... MORE