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From the first shots in the battle for
American Independence to the legacy of
Emerson and Thoreau—when visiting Concord, start at the Concord Museum.
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One of the oldest collections of Americana
in the country, including the largest collection of Thoreau-related objects in the world. Learn more.

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Bringing history into the lives of learners
of all ages—the Concord Museum connects
real artifacts with people, places, and ideas. 
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 The Concord Museum in historic Concord, Massachusetts houses one of the oldest and most treasured collections in the country. Come visit the gateway to Concord’s remarkable revolutionary and literary history.

The Concord Museum is the one place where all of Concord’s remarkable past is brought to life through an inspiring collection of historical, literary, and decorative arts treasures. Take in the quiet eloquence of our Exploring Concord film, enjoy the historic beauty of our period rooms, and create your own memories with our family-friendly hands-on activities.   


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Fresh Goods: Shopping for Clothing in a New England Town: 1750 - 1900


9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Now through Labor Day

(Closed September 4)


At the Center of Revolution. Led by a Museum educator, take the short walk from Wright Tavern to the Old North Bridge. Learn about the events leading up to April 19, 1775 and the first battle of the American Revolution. Discover the stories behind the monuments at the Bridge and the center of town. 1 mile walk, ... MORE

Ellen Garrison: Educator, Social Justice Advocate, Daughter of Concord - with Maria Madison and Kerri Greenidge. Ellen Garrison was born in the Robbins House in 1823. After her inspiring and challenging youth in Concord, Massachusetts, she moved to Boston, where she became a teacher and joined the city’s social justice community. She attended events and assisted with fundraisers for abolitionis... MORE

Emerson's Circle Walk. In the 1800s, Concord was the center for American authors and thinkers, including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Louisa May Alcott. They gathered together with other Concordians to discuss issues of the day such as slavery, war, the natural world, and many other to... MORE

Thomas J. Putnam Named Executive Director Concord Museum.  CONCORD – May 7, 2018  The Concord Museum Board of Governors has named Thomas J. Putnam the Museum’s new Edward W. Kane Executive Director.  Putnam will begin his position on June 4, 2018, which follows Margaret R. Burke’s recent retirement after seven years o... MORE